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Carrara is a town famous for its hospitality, its beach resorts, and its world-famous marble: it’s this triple attraction that brings visitors from all over the world to this easy-going town with its long traditions as a tourism and cultural centre. 
With its unique location where mountains meet sea, Carrara is also known as the world capital of marble. No doubt similar descriptions will be coined to describe this ever-evolving town in the future.
The climate is mild, thanks to the Apuan Alps which overlook the town and shelter it from cold north winds. The sea to the west exposes the town to the warm currents of the Mediterranean. Annual temperature range is around 10-15 °C. Precipitation is typical of the Ligurian climate, with maximum rainfall in November, minimum in July and secondary peaks in February and May. Annual precipitation on the coast is around 1000 mm.
In the mountains the climate is cool and temperate, with heavier annual rainfall than on the coast, reaching some 3000 mm.

Twin towns
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