Marble e Stone Slabs

Amso International is a leading producer of marble and stone slabs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality slabs possible, through both our selection of blocks and our polishing process. Our slabs come in a variety of materials, including onyx, marble, limestone, granite, and travertine. We offer a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of both the Italian market and international markets. Amso International is your one-stop shop for all your marble and stone slab needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services. Thanks for choosing Amso International!

Marble and Stone slabs produced by Amso International can be classified as follows:

Slabs for export sold per square meter. Our export slabs are available in different heights and lengths. They can be used for cut-to size work like tiles, countertops of kitchens or bathrooms as well as stairs; they’re crack free with a 90% usage rate up until 95%.

Slabs for export of small measures sold per square meter. The cost per square meter can be up between 10% and 20%, depending on what you’re working with; this kind of slab will measure lengths 170 cm through 240 mm as well as heights 90-130cm based off the characteristics in materials used which makes them crack free and suitable even if used throughout most projects like tiles or countertops around kitchens/ bathrooms but also stairs among other things!

Slabs for cut-to-size works sold by weight. There is a huge variety in dimensions, with some large and small slabs on offer. The usable surface can be as much at 70%-80%. There prices vary from -30% or 50%, depending upon what you choose for your project

The different types show natural cracks which could make them more desirable by consumers looking to save money when building their home

We have developed various types of stone slabs to suit different needs. These stones can be used in bathroom vanity construction, flooring projects such as stairs and patios; they are also great for cut-to size work when your dimensions require reduced finishes with minimal labor costs or where you don’t want the product cost remaining too high because it will make competition more difficult between brands on an international scale (like China).

The selection process consists mainly at assessing how consistent color & vein patterns are across all pieces within each category: extra – only one pattern featured e.; first – two similar but not quite matching veins/color

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