Decorative Borders

Amso International is a leading supplier of marble, stone, and travertine products for the bathroom covering industry.  The company manufactures profiles as well linear pieces which can be used in any type or size project you may have in your mind!


The Profiled Frames and Strips production includes:


Frames of 4 x 2 cm, with the following profiles and edges, finished as follows:


  • Chamfered linear edge,
  • Edge with 45°-bevelling
  • Rounded edge
  • Half-Bull nose
  • Any type of profile, upon request


The Linear Frames and Strips production includes:


Linear strips 4×2 or 4×2 cm

Linear strips 10×2 cm, with inlaid triangles, diamonds, and linear strips of various colors and measures, upon request

Linear strips of various measures, with water jet machining for each type of de luxe finishing.


The Cabochon line is a collection of pieces that can be inserted into tiles for more prestige and elegance. These finishes are perfect if you want to cover your flooring, tables, or any other type of work cut lengthwise so it looks artistic with a personalized touch! The Frames and Borders line includes mainly pieces of 4x4x1 cm or 4x4x2 cm

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