Carrara Marble

Carrara Here at the company, we produce and supply works in Marble, Stone & Onyx for each internal or external use as follows:

Blocks, Slabs, Floors, Cladding for facades, Bathrooms, Stairs, Kitchen Tops, Tables, Road curbs, Columns, Balustrades, Chimneys, Statues, Funerary monuments such as Tombstones and Tombs, made to order

Our marbles and stones are mainly:


Carrara marble – Bianco Carrara CD, Bianco Carrara C, Bianco Venatino, Bianco Gioia, Calacatta, Statuarietto, Statuario, Bardiglio, Blue Venato, Arabescato … Marbles, Stones, Onyxes, Granites, Travertines, Slates from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, India, Brazil, China, Turkey.

You name it-we’ve got your needs covered.

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble Projects Worldwide: A Showcase of Global Elegance

Carrara Marble, a timeless symbol of opulence and refinement, transcends geographical boundaries to adorn iconic structures and architectural marvels across the globe.

This exploration into Marble projects worldwide unveils a captivating journey through the most prestigious installations, highlighting its influence on international marble architecture and its role in shaping global stone design trends.

Global Marble Installations: A Grand Tour

  • Global Marble Installations: Carrara Marble’s allure extends far beyond its Italian origins, gracing international spaces with an air of elegance. From the intricate detailing of historic buildings to the sleek lines of modern structures, Marble installations globally are a testament to its enduring appeal.


  • International Marble Architecture: Architectural landscapes worldwide have been shaped by the influence of Carrara. Its versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate into diverse architectural styles, from classical to contemporary, leaving an indelible mark on international marble architecture.

Famous Marble Buildings: Icons of Elegance

  • Famous Marble Buildings: Carrara has played a pivotal role in the construction of some of the world’s most famous buildings. The pristine white beauty of Carrara Marble has graced the exteriors and interiors of renowned landmarks, turning them into symbols of timeless elegance.


  • Carrarain Iconic Structures: From the iconic Taj Mahal in India to the majestic Pantheon in Rome, Carrara Marble’s presence in iconic structures reflects its universal appeal. Its contribution to the aesthetic excellence of these landmarks is a testament to its enduring desirability.

Luxury Projects Showcase: Elevating Grandeur

  • Luxury Projects Showcase: The world’s most luxurious projects boast Carrara Marble as a central design element. From high-end hotels to exclusive residences, Marble elevates the grandeur of these spaces, creating an environment that exudes sophistication.


  • Marble Around the World: Carrara Marble’s journey around the world is marked by its presence in exclusive projects. Its use in diverse climates and cultural contexts underscores its adaptability, making it a symbol of luxury that transcends borders.

Architectural Marvels with Marble: A Visual Symphony

  • Architectural Marvels with Marble: The interplay of Carrara Marble in architectural marvels is a visual symphony that captivates onlookers. Its use in intricate facades, statues, and fountains showcases its malleability and ability to bring life to stone, creating a mesmerizing effect.


  • Worldwide Stone Design: Carrara Marble’s influence extends to worldwide stone design trends, inspiring architects and designers to experiment with its various forms. Its incorporation in cutting-edge designs sets the tone for global stone design aesthetics.

Carrara Marble Export: Italian Craftsmanship, Global Presence

  • Carrara Marble Export: The export of Carrara Marble reflects the craftsmanship of Italian artisans reaching every corner of the globe. Its availability worldwide allows architects and designers to access the epitome of elegance, bringing the essence of Carrara to diverse projects.


  • Global Stone Trends: As a leading player in the global stone industry, Carrara sets trends that reverberate across continents. Designers and architects worldwide look to Marble for inspiration, making it a perennial source of global stone trends.

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