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Amso International selects directly from the quarries the best blocks to be sold in Italy and abroad, or designed to be worked into slabs, tiles and cut-to-size works.
The blocks are exported all over the world from:

The blocks are checked from specialized persons in place, and offered accompanied by pictures and technical description of the veining and other characteristics, so that the customer is able to experience the quality of each block in a very short time, without loosing time to test the material directly in the origin place.

The checked blocks can be then exported as raw blocks or sawn into slabs or any cut-to-size work.

Amso International exports Italian marble as onyx, limestone, granite, Travertine blocks of several types and quality, as:

Squared Blocks free from cracks: these types of blocks are the most expensive, as this type of the Italian marble production covers only 20% of the total availability; for Travertine and Granite is much easier to find crack-free blocks.
Blocks squared with cracks in the cutting direction: They are blocks with enough straight defects in the cutting direction ; in this case the blocks have a useful surface once cutted in to slabs of approximately 75% until 85% and are blocks with a good price compromise that has a greater demands from our customers as the cost of this category are much lower to the blocks squared free from cracks.
Semi-squared blocks with some cracks for cut-to-size works: These types of blocks are suitable for the production of cut-to-size works of reduced dimensions like stairs, bathroom vanity, tiles, skirting, strips for decorations… The blocks show generally from one to three natural cracks and their useful surface after cutting into slabs is approximately 60% through 70%.
Inform blocks: These types of blocks are used to produce tiles, skirting, strips for decorations, stairs and any cut to size works of small dimensions worked with a block cutter machine. They have generally from one to three natural cracks and they have generally 2-3 cutting sides each block.
They have a useful surface after cutting into slabs or strips of approximately 50% through 60%. The price of this type of material is absolutely the most economic one.

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