The stone and interiors industry is a competitive one, so it’s important to find reliable suppliers with exclusive products. Amso International has been providing customers in this space both as agents or resellers for over twenty-five years now – meaning you no longer have to worry about where to source materials, whether they come from Italy, Turkey, China, Brazil, Portugal or India.

Amso International has your back! Whether you’re looking to start up or work in the marble and stone industry, we have everything for every project needs.


Amso International offers special conditions to all its resellers and, in particular, exclusive resellers:

– Exclusive materials and decorative elements from our Art Carrara line, hand made in Italy by our world-renowned craftsmen

– A full range of Marbles, Stone, Granite, Onyx, Travertine, Slate and Quartzite from all over the world – at competitive prices

– Super-quick assistance in every sale, by telephone or e-mail

– Exclusive reseller rights for available cities and countries

– All orders from clients located within the exclusive reseller’s area are forwarded to the reseller. Every day we receive numerous enquiries from Italy and all over the world from clients interested in buying our marble and stone. At present Amso International has clients and distributors in:

USA (Colorado, New Jersey), Mexico, Northern Ireland, Italy, India, China, and Brazil.


With Amso International, you’ll have the perfect business partner capable of providing a wide range or products at exceptionally competitive prices.


Carrara marble in slabs or blocks for pavements and revetments, plus made to order pieces:

– Italian and foreign marbles

– Italian and foreign stone

– Foreign onyx

– Italian and foreign granites

– Italian and foreign travertine

– Solid and multi-layer prefinished parquet

– Our globally unique and exclusive Art Carrara line of pavements, revetments, trims, slabs, dadoes and statues, hand made by our world-renowned craftsmen – a combination of premium Italian marble and stone and the added value of truly unique pieces made entirely by hand.


Our Chinese office in Guangzhou supplies slabs for pavements, revetments and made to order uses:

– Granite (Chinese and imported from Europe, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India and Africa)

– Quartzite

– Natural stones

– Sandstone

– Slate

Our qualified staff work under our coordination, monitoring production to ensure quality – at competitive prices! We have inspection personnel in India and Turkey who’ve worked with us for years; they know what makes a great piece of granite or marble (and how much each slab should cost). And if you’re looking into opening up shop as well? Let us help you design your showroom and select the right marbles to put on display to ensure it’s a success. send an e-mail today so we can give advice on setting that up too. The initial costs of setting up your showroom are scaled 100% to your future orders from Amso International which covers all expenses involved until you make money off sales again.

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