Amso International has been operating in Carrara, the world-wide Capital of the marble, for many years and has acquired a great deal of experience in the production and distribution of Marble, Granite, Stone, Onyx, and Travertine. The company imports raw materials from all over the world, including Iran, Pakistan, India, Brazil, North Europe, and selects, cuts, and polishes them in Italy to ensure a top-quality production. Amso International’s products are used in flooring and covering projects as well as lay-outs and finished products. The company’s extensive experience and high-quality standards make it a leading supplier of marble and stone products.

Amso International is a leader in the tile and slab industry. We are able to supply not only tiles and slabs but complete projects from A to Z. We export to world-wide markets, like United States, Canada, Central America, Asia, Europe, keeping on competitive prices at the best quality-service.

In order to provide a direct service on place to our customers, Amso International relies on distributors and agents in USA, Brazil, Mexico, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and India. However, we are always looking to widen our distribution and representation net to offer a better and more direct service to our customers all over the world. By expanding our reach, we can offer a higher level of quality-service at a lower cost. This provides our customers with a tile or slab project that is completed efficiently and to their satisfaction. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next tile or slab project!

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