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The working of the tiles, especially that of “modulmarble”, requires a special attention during the selection phase, that is the quality check of the materials. The tiles obtained from the best blocks, are finally checked and selected one by one, so as to be able to assure the final Customers a high quality and excellent selection.

The several measures produced from Amso International are:
– cm. 30,5×30,5×0,95 (12″x12″x3/8″)
– cm. 30,5x61x0,95 (12″x24″x3/8″)
– cm. 40x40x0,95 (16″x16″x3/8″)
– cm. 45,7×45,7×0,95 (18″x18″x3/8″)
– cm. 45,7x91x1,2 (18″x36″x1/2″)
– cm. 61x61x1,2 (24″x24″x1/2″)
– cm. 91x91x1,2 (36″x36″x1/2″)

Thickness 1,5 or 2 cm (3/4″):
– cm. 30×15 (12″x6″)
– cm. 30×30 (12″x12″)
– cm. 40×20 (16″x8″)
– cm. 40×40 (16″x16″)
– cm. 45×90 (18″x36″)
– cm. 60×60 (24″x24″)
– cm. 90×90 (36″x36″)
– cm. 120×120 (47″x47″)

But also other measures are available upon request.

As far as the selection of the quality we have:
Extra, 1st, standard, commercial and 2nd.

Moreover, if broken or irregular tiles are requested, they are available as “crazy tiles” or “Veneziana” or “Palladiana” tiles, sold by weight or by square meter of several materials. These tiles are suitable for external flooring of houses or buildings, gardens…


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