Marble has been used for centuries as an important material in architecture and stone-work. The Apuan Alps, located on the Italian Peninsula between Lucca to Florence contain vast deposits of marble which can be found especially at three main gullies: Torano Miseglia Colonnata

The experts estimated total excavation area is 67 km2 with 60 thousand million cubic meters volume making it one of the best stones around!

The history of marble production is long and complicated. It dates back over 2,000 years. The first major development was when early humans began cutting into rock with stone ages ago, which then led them to discover how much easier it is than working inside a rough environment like today’s mines due out of necessity rather than choice because there were no other options at hand for obtaining material needs that could not be met just by searching outside oneself so this made production much more efficient but also left behind evidence all over Europe especially Britain where some notable buildings still stand today such as Stonehenge.

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